Friday, May 11th 19:00 – LITHUANIA OPEN 2018 – BLIND DRAW PAIRS

Registration: 18:00-18:45

Entry fee: 5Eur

Prizes: 70% of entry fees.

Saturday, May 12th 11:00 – LITHUANIA OPEN 2018 – WDF/BDO Men’s and Ladies singles

Registration: 9:00 – 10:00

Entry Fee: 17Eur (U18 – 8Eur)


MEN SINGLES: I – 400Eur; II – 200Eur; joint III-IV – 90Eur; joint V-VIII – 30Eur

LADIES SINGLES: I – 200Eur; II – 100Eur; joint III-IV – 45Eur; joint V-VIII – 15Eur

Sunday, May 13th 11:00 – VILNIUS OPEN 2018 – LTU/BALTIC Ranking Men’s and ladies singles

Registration: 9:00 – 10:00

Entry fee (licensed): 10Eur (U18 – 5Eur)

Entry fee (non-licensed): 12Eur (U18 – 6Eur)


MEN SINGLES: I – 90Eur; II – 45Eur; joint III-IV – 30Eur

LADIES SINGLES: I – 45Eur; II – 30Eur; joint III-IV – 15Eur


Playing format: 501 straight start, finish on double. COIN to decide who starts first and throwing to the BULL before deciding leg.

MEN 2KO system till best 32 (besst of 7 legs), play-off (best of 7 legs), if more than 128 players – single knock-out system,

Semifinalst to be played best of 9, final – best of 11 legs.

LADIES 2KO system untill best 8 (or 16), from play-offs best of 7 legs.



PLEASE NOTE: Plauyers are expected to dress properly: this means no jeans or denim type trousers. Smoking and drinking is NOT permitted in the whole playing area (can cause disqualification from the tournament). If a player does not show up at the prize giving, he or she loses the right to receive cup and prize money.

WDF PLAYER LEVY: “I understand that a 2.00USD WDF Player Levy is part of my entry fee for this event. This levy will fund monetary WDF Rankings Awards, attempts toward Olympic recognition and other WDF benefits and services”.